My passion for character art began in an early age and I have enjoyed drawing and designing characters since I was a little kid. I started my path in a creative field as an apprentice at a printing company in Sweden where I screen-printed on textile and stayed for almost three years.

In 2008 I got my hands on “Pixologic Zbrush” and that definitely opened my eyes for figurative sculpting, 3D modeling and concept art.

In the spring 2009 I decided to study higher education courses such as “Zbrush and 3D modeling (15HE)” and “Concept art 1 and 2 (30HE)” at the University of Gotland and a lot of other art related courses from different universities. In fall 2010 I started to study a bachelor’s degree of science with major in informatics within the programme “3D animation and visualization” at University West and I graduated in summer 2013.

After my graduation I started to study a 10 weeks course in Artistic anatomy and sculpture at Luleå University of technology. In June 2014 I started to Freelance as a 3D-artist and in Mars 2015 I started Shapemaker Studios a 3D-production freelance studio with client as different production agencies and clothing lines .

I see myself as a good co-worker, a team player and I always have the ambition to do my very best in every project I participate in. I’m always keen to find new collaborations and projects so do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.

To find out more about Shapemaker Studios and the services I provide please visit shapemakerstudios.com.